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Traffic School

        You can voluntarily take our course to receive up to 3 point credit on your Nevada Driver’s License record. You can also take our course to satisfy a court order, receive insurance premium discounts, or if it is required by your employer. To qualify for the points reduction, you must have a Nevada Driver’s License and less than 12 points accumulated on your driving record.

         We offer a Five or Eight Hour Traffic Safety Course. At registration, you should select the 5-Hour course if you have received 2 tickets or less within a 12 month period on your driving record. You should select the 8-Hour course if you have received 3 tickets of more within a 12 month period on your driving record.




     Anyone may gain some knowledge by reading the course content at no cost. HOWEVER, to receive credit for the course and to receive your Certificate of Completion to satisfy court or DMV requirements you must take the final exam in person at one of our Test Areas.

       Please Note: not all courts will plea-bargain a moving violation to reduced violation. You must check with the court you are required to report to.

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