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Nevada’s Cheapest Traffic School

  Our ten dollar traffic school is only one of the many insurance solutions we offer clients. Our parent company, Interstate Insurance Services, has been committed to offering you real life solutions for over 30 years. We understand mistakes are made, and we continually fight to reduce the impact these have on your insurance portfolio. Our determined effort to save you money, has encouraged us to offer a unique variety of services found nowhere else in the industry.


Ten Dollar Traffic School - can be used to plea bargain a ticket at the court, reduce demerit points at the DMV, or earn savings on insurance if you are 55 years or older.

Nevada Court Counseling Services - is a full service substance abuse, out-patient counseling program. This provides all mandated classes required by Nevada State Law, due to a driving under the influence.

Interstate Insurance Services - offers numerous easy and affordable solutions for your SR-22 needs.

National Home Detention - has partnered with Sentinel Offender Services to provide electronic monitoring to any jurisdiction in the USA through telephonic reporting. NHD’s program uses state of the art voice verification technology to monitor offenders sentenced to home detention.

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A Computerized Safe Driving School


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