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Non-Client is $30

You MUST test in person.

We will honor $10 price for Non-Clients IF you allow us to review your Auto Insurance

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Minor Violation Mitigation

You can use our course to request a plea-bargain with your court.  Most Nevada courts will reduce a moving violation to a non-moving violation, if you present a Nevada Traffice School certificate of completion.  Not all courts offer this, please check your court.

DMV Demerit Removal

If you need to use our school to remove Nevada DMV demerit point, we can help you remove up to three points. We will notify the DMV upon competion of your course. Using a Nevada Traffic School for demerit removal will not help reduce insurance rates.

Senior Driver Discounts

If you are fifty-five years of age, or older, you can take a Nevada Traffic School to create discounts on your aulo insurance. All insurance carriers offer a Senior Driver Discount. These discounts can last up to three years. Ask your agent for details.


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